LIVE MILLIONS UK More Than Over £8M Guaranteed

October 30th, 2018

The PartyPoker LIVE tour is all set for the Dusk Till Dawn Poker Club for LIVE MILLIONS UK which would take place on 29th September. The tour is setting up shop in Nottingham, the UK, which is its home soul and the event will continue till the 7th of October with a huge prize money £8,500,000 guaranteed for all 5 tournaments. The main thing about the event is the MILLIONS Main Event will begin at 30th September and offers an impressive prize money of £5,000,000. The poker players can enter into the Main Event through PartyPoker satellites which would start from only $0.01.

The MILLIONS Super High Roller is yet another attraction and it is in addition to buy-in of £25,000 with a £1,000,00 guaranteed amount. The Super High Roller is a two-day event and the cards for the same will be distributed on Monday. The live coverage of the event will be provided along with the video coverage on a daily basis to capture the fun and excitement of the event.
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Poker Predictions For Year 2018

July 24th, 2018

Finally the year 2018 has arrived. So, just like past years, it is the time to break out the PokerNews crystal ball and find out what is going to happen in the coming year.

With that in mind, the five predictions for the year in poker have already come out.
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The Texture Does Change In Poker

June 27th, 2018

By definition, texture means feel, consistency and appearance of a substance. But, at the poker table, the word has a different meaning, here the word means loose (players staying to witness the flop) or tight (few players seeing the flop, and most having folded hands post-flop); the meaning of texture can be aggressive (raising considerably) or it can be passive, the opposite (rarely raising, players calling bets often).

Starting out, you are taken to a table that is witnessing action for a while, and has got its game texture. And there you can easily see this texture post several hands of play, or during waiting to be dealt with. Go for this look.
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Controversy Over Table Talk

September 16th, 2017

There was much that was going on last week in the poker scene.

The Barcelona tournament was seeing the main event coming to an end as well as much that was being betted over the fifth between McGregor and Mayweather. Besides such events, there was a table talk controversy that was the talk of the poker player community. Indeed, often the buzz in social media channels could be indicative that something is brewing or has caught the attention of those watching the games. Indeed, that is what happened when Patrick Leonard was accused to have been angling which led to heated discussions and exchanges on Twitter and other poker forums.

This occurred at the Main Event of PokerStars Championship Barcelona was nearing the end and when the big money was in view of the final contestants. Leonard and his table talk generated some form of controversies which were caught on by fans and commentators who were performing live streaming of the events. Leonard has been an ambassador of party poker and his resume in professional poker includes a win of two million in total from the tournament earnings he has had. Read the rest of this entry »

WSOP And Hard Rock Relationship Continues Till 2018

June 18th, 2017

The relationship between World Series of Poker is Hard Rock Hotel & Casino still prevails and the WSOP is returning to the Hotel & Casino Tulsa in the year 2018 on 15-26 March.

The announcement in this regards has been made after nearly two months the Hard Rock hosted its first WSOP event. The only WSOP event will be Hard Rock tour stop in Tulsa and out of three events; one will take place in the state.

More details about the event will be released at a later date. Speaking about the tie up senior director of hospitality of Hard Rock Martin Madewell said, Read the rest of this entry »

Huck Seed Engages In Betting Again

April 6th, 2017

Huck Seed, the main event champion of the 1996 WSOP, is again in his crazy style of prop bets. His newest challenge is to win the bracelet within two years from the 2015 World Series poker.

He is betting on $5,000 each and he won’t shave or cut his hair till he gets the bracelet according to Eli Elezra. Huck Seed is already famous for his craziness for betting and has involved in all types of betting earlier.

Elezra said that with his betting in 2015 Huck Seed has gained and extension of contract as well. Huck Seed can now play for another 5-6 years and if he is able to win the bracelet everyone will need to pay back the bet money plus the money he wins.

Elezra feels that Huck is into a lot of betting to push him to earn the bracelet within these years. Elzera added that any bracelets received from games played outside the United States will also be counted for the bet. Seed is also eligible for victory in his betting if he wins two events in World Poker Tour. Read the rest of this entry »