2009 WPT Cyprus: Calling the Clock on Huck Seed

Huck Seed Video clip Rating: 5 / 5

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15 Responses to “2009 WPT Cyprus: Calling the Clock on Huck Seed”

  1. ivehearditallbefore says:

    lol that was too short… lol thats what calling the clock is all about!

  2. SnlpErlsNaStY says:

    I wanna smoke some bud with him.

  3. xOXChimeraXOx says:

    Today he is Huck Weed! xD

  4. DatBboiDanny says:

    he has to be a pothead

  5. BeTheKoko says:

    he really is a HIGHroller!

  6. peeps49 says:

    this guy sounds like young greenstein

  7. kazikartinec says:


  8. cardmastad says:

    this dude the the definition off cool

  9. Rex0pas says:

    huck is always high LOL

  10. alexthekokid says:

    cyprus is greek they dnt speak turkish there is no turkish side !! RULING !!!

  11. m1dnightshow says:

    that dude is so calm lol

  12. MrRoadRash1000 says:

    huck is hardcore man underated as a player

  13. chucky50187 says:

    he must smoke a lot of weed

  14. jrkb300 says:

    He is one chill motherfucker

  15. RainbowGrl23 says:

    Poster boy on keeping it “REAL”.LMAO!!!