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Victoria Coren Mitchell Has Inclinations for Global Championships

Wednesday, August 6th, 2014

Poker is enthralling, and so are the top-notch players who leave nothing to chance, playing position while surmising apt moves from opponent’s impression. As the aphorism goes, poker has its owners; one of those women who have illustrated exceptional performance at the arenas of poker is Victoria Coren Mitchell. The Poker Player Magazine cited her as among the professional’s veterans who have irresistibly won against online “whizz kids” who have emerged as top players of poker. She is thus a hardcore player who has proved insurmountable at global poker platforms for long. Below are her most outstanding accomplishments that have given her a cutting edge in poker industry rankings.

In 2006, she went ahead to win the EPT, becoming the first female winner of the main event at that time. Coren was triumphant among 555 entrants where she won the San Remo circuit of the EPT; this is among the biggest poker events globally. The total prize was a sizeable £391,932 which she scooped. The EPT or European Poker Tour was incepted by PokerStars.Net in Barcelona in 2004; it is an international event in the poker industry with WSOP and WPT. However, the 2012 Las Vegas WSOP is her grand triumph where she forked £132.2 million in prize money.

With gross winnings of £1.43, she is ranked 9th in the top female poker winners. Her second place in the EPT catapulted her to 22nd in English rankings while the Global Poker Index ranks her 355th at the international poker plane. With her consistent poker strategies, she is among the top-notch players; the upshot is her inclusion in the must-watch pros. Thus, Coren’s moves and tactics are epitomized; her presence in a game causes opponents to perturb. In upcoming events, she is inclined to siphon off more cash and replenish her jackpot.

Huck Seed- A Brief History

Monday, May 19th, 2014

Professional games are very much prevalent in these days. Only few games turn much interesting where implementation of techniques can help you handle the game very professionally. One such game which is much a favourite of more number of individuals present anywhere under the Sun is Poker game. Poker game is an interesting game, because of its techniques handled much professionally, only professional Pokers can do so. Among such professional players, Huck Seed turns out to be the proud winner who holds 4 bracelets by winning in WSOP. Huck Seed was born in California on January 15th 1969. Being an American Professional player, Seed attended Corvallis High School.

Involving in Prop bets:
Huck turns out to be the member of the 1987 Montana All State Basketball Team. Huck was an Electrical Engineering student at California Institute of Technology and also a member of Fleming House. Thus by leaving the part, he took his absence by the year 1989 whereby started playing Poker. He did quit attending college. Seed was the star player on Caltech’s basketball team. Seed turned in involving much prop bets which is very much mean to him, as off from his point of view. One such can be that he would go a year without shaving.

He has won four times the bracelets by participating WSOP, where his 1st bracelet was in the year 1994, the 2nd in 1996, the 3rd in 2000 and 4th in 2003. The last two bracelets were won in Razz. By the year 2010, Seed turned playing World Series of Poker Tournament of Champions where he won the game and yielded a freeroll of $500,000. He has engaged in playing 40 total cashes. Seed has won the 2009 NBC Heads-Up Poker Championship. Seed has became the only player who turned to cash in every NBC Heads-Up tournament, but this record was broken by Erick by 2010.

Sam Farha

Wednesday, February 5th, 2014

Beirut-conceived Ihsan (Sammy) is acclaimed for his flighty poker style, unmanageable design sense and engrossing emotional makeup, however generally for losing to Chris Moneymaker, the poker freshman who made poker an “everyman” amusement.

It was  when Farha was in high schoolers a common war softened out up Lebanon that drove him to relocate to Wichita in Kansas city. Farha graduated with a degree in Business Management by going to the Kansas University, and later he moved to Houston, Texas to work with his sibling. Destiny called: it was in Houston where Farha initially played poker and won some thousands of dollars. In 1990 he stops his employment to play poker full time. (more…)’s huge landing in Nevada

Tuesday, December 17th, 2013

World Series of Poker invited a conference to preview the which is an initiative by Caesars Interactive Entertainment in the field of online poker game in US. The was launched in Nevada. The best part about is its efficiency to be played in the term of real money in real time.

The conference disclosed that the access to will be all open for the Nevada residents and on a calculative basis 40 million visitors to the state in a calendar year. The basic rules that have been specified includes the minimum age of the participant to be 21 years, and the same will be scrutinized by the screening software before letting the participant enter the gaming world.

The CEO of Caesars Interactive Entertainment states in his comment that taking up of almost half a century old brand, i.e. World Series of Poker, and combining it with Caesars profile has helped the company to seek a higher level of developments to undertake the perspective of its players.

The launch of has brought a newer life to poker gaming experience in Nevada. The access will be available for both the desktop and Mac users with en’ number of facilities likes cash games, sit and gos, satellite and multi-table tournaments etc. The buying category for cash games start with minimum range of 1¢-2¢, and for table tournaments the starting price is $1.10.

Also the room ensures that the players get their part of benefits like $100 and $25 free rolls for all the levels. Moreover the category of selection for limitless and limited package for Hold’em and Omaha, adds up in the list. Even the deposit methods have been involved keeping player’s comfort in mind.

So with the launch of the market of online poker games get a new rivalry.

Legends of poker

Thursday, October 17th, 2013

Poker game was invented in 1820 by the sailors in New Orleans. More than 80 million Americans play poker game. Earlier days, poker game was merely meant for entertainment however, nowadays it offers less entertainment and more the source of money. Not just the luck factors decide the winning of poker game but also it needs a good memory power and determination. Phil Ivey is one such player who works hard with determination and with this, he is continuing adding money to his bank roll.

His original name is Phillip Dennis who is an American professional poker player. With a very short span of time in his poker career, he was able to win nine WSOP bracelets and one World Poker Tour title. Another great achievement of Ivey was, he reached the final tables of World Poker Tour nine times. Ivey started his career in 1990, by playing with his colleagues in the telemarketing firm. He was nicknamed as “No Home Jerome” and “The Tiger woods of Poker”.

Thomas Dwan was yet another American poker player who plays online in the highest stakes No Limit Hold’em possible. In the poker industry Tom Dwan was known as “durrrr”. He has also won a lot many prize money in poker tournaments. Dwan started his poker career at an age of 17 with a $50 that his father gifted him on his 17th birthday. He stated the game with small amounts and after gaining the confidence that he could beat the games, he changed to cash games and started with low stakes. Slowly, he climbs his way to highest stakes and built his bankroll.

There is a misconception in most people that poker is a game which completely depends on luck factors of a person. However, this is not the case. Learn more about poker and start playing it.

Purest form of poker

Thursday, September 26th, 2013

Jason Mercier is a wonderful poker player who has made plenty of final tables till now. He has also participated in WSOP live tournaments and WPT main events. From the last six months, he has decided to give his complete focus to purest form of online poker.

Heads-up tournaments are taken as purest form of poker as players are not protected there. Recently he has stated that he is more interested in heads-up tournaments instead of participating in simple forms of poker. When you are playing Heads up tournament, it demands for extra skills and it is quite a challenging game. (more…)