Danish Online Poker Market underthe Sack aftera Poker Player Allegedly Committed an Online Fraud

The Danish online poker is encountering serious accusations after a poker player from Denmark was allegedly found to have pinched millions of euros from other players through an online fraud.

Reportedly, a group ofonline poker players from Denmark, who play high stake cash game, informed the Economic Crime Department, in Copenhagen, Denmark about the counterfeit. As claimed by the victims they were swindled out of winnings worth of millions of euros by the as yet unidentified suspect.

The findings also indicate that the alleged computer program may have been used by the suspect for about nine years before it came in the notice of the peers.

In a local press meeting, the Danish police commissioner, Torben Koldborg Frederiksen told the media that a 32 years old high stakes player along with some non-Danish poker players were involved in the fraud. The charges were filed in the month of October this year with the investigations still going on. Two players have been identified to have committed the online fraud but their names have not been released yet.

As told by one of the victims, he suspected his computer was tampered with when he found out that it was restarted when he was out of house and the surveillance cameras were also switched off for a period of 15 minutes that day.

The reports speculate that the suspect could have gotten help from the police department since they often employ Trojan Horse to spy on cyber criminals. He could see the hole cards of his fellow players while playing on different sites against them.

Although the names of the suspects are yet to be revealed, the online poker forum iGaming.org has claimed to know the name of the perpetrator but are only outlining the apparent guilty, with having won the European Poker Tour title. Many are surmising the suspect to be Peter Jepson, who was a suspect on a previous incident of one such minor fraud. Interestingly, he fits the description, of the current suspect perfectly, being 32 years old, having won the mentioned title and being a Danish citizen.

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