Huck Seed at 2009 NBC Heads Up Championship

Huck Seed Video clip Score: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “Huck Seed at 2009 NBC Heads Up Championship”

  1. ilovejourney1 says:

    Congrats on the 2010 tournament of champions win, Huck!

  2. luvmyson1434 says:

    @luvmyson1434 nevermind I changed to HQ and it works right

  3. luvmyson1434 says:

    What’s wrong with the video? It worked fine when it was first posted now the sound keeps breaking up and the sound and video are out of sync

  4. DoctorRobertBobby says:

    rofl down syndrome

  5. em3rica89 says:

    i like sammy too, but huck is just a better player, and yeah he is kind of weird but he’s taught many of todays top pros how to play.

  6. fd9w4dncm says:

    It doesn’t matter now. I like Farha and wanted him to go trought, and was abit annoyed at that time.

    Huck didn’t seam very enthusiastic and stuff. (I don’t know if he got a syndrome or any thing.. )

    He looks to be like your idol so it’s no point in trying to convince you.

    PS: I’m not saying Huck is a bad player or I’m a pro.

  7. em3rica89 says:

    it could have also been 2:1 i can’t remember exactly what their stack sizes were

  8. em3rica89 says:

    yes, trust me Huck know’s what he’s doing. if he did a commentary on his own play explaining what he was thinking, he’d look like a genius. he wouldn’t have made his plays without a good read.

  9. fd9w4dncm says:

    OK, but had Farha won it would’ve been 3:2?

  10. em3rica89 says:

    his stack size was like 4:1 or something close to that so he had a huge advantage.

  11. fd9w4dncm says:

    Yes, I know that, but when Farha did call, he lost with the best hand.

    It has been a while since I saw the heads-up, so I don’t remember very much.

    I do get your point. At that stage when the blinds are so high coincidence and “luck” will be a huge factor. And it was easier to go all-in.

    Was Farha that crippled? Again, it has been a long time so I don’t remember.

    I could’ve looked up the percentages of the hands they went all-in with, but it’s too much work.

  12. em3rica89 says:

    in tournament poker the blinds rise in value. as you saw huck had the most amount of chips. Sammy’s stack was getting bled out slowly by the blinds. by going all in out of position you are stealing his bet if he decides to play, crippling his stack, doing it in position means the other player needs a premium hand in order to play you. its a risky play but it works.

  13. fd9w4dncm says:

    Yes, pre-flop, flop and post-flop. I said “the chances of hitting on the flop” and I meant a pair. It’s not crap, because it usually is correct. There’s a reason you’re not getting dealt aces all the time. The chances of getting dealt aces is 1:220. To hit a pair on the flop is about 26%, so the chances of pairing the flop 3 times in a row is 0.26*0.26*0.26=1,76% (I think)

    What do you mean by you are playing the PLAYERS stack? Please explain.

    I’ve just started studying the game, so ..

  14. em3rica89 says:

    you are the best at heads up because you know your percentages pre flop? what a load of bull lmao. the true donk speaks. the majority of your hands you wont even hit the flop. and when you go all in you are playing the PLAYERS stack. you know nothing about poker

  15. fd9w4dncm says:

    Dude, I’m best heads-up, because I know my percentages and I know the chances of hitting on the flop. How can you play the player when you just go all-in? Poker is about psychology and mathematics.

    Make me rich, baby

  16. em3rica89 says:

    percentages play no part in heads up poker. you play the player not the percentages. you must never play heads up.

  17. fd9w4dncm says:

    More donk talk. Learn your percentages and what they mean. All I remember was that Farha called only with the best hands (most chance of winning). So the best hand is definetly not the ones that wins, because 7-2 off can win against A-A (85,52% vs 14,15%). So your comment was just silly…

    Continue to be a donk. You’re making someone rich

  18. em3rica89 says:

    the best hand is the one that wins, its not 2 card poker

  19. fd9w4dncm says:

    It’s hard to go all-in with seeing just an ace? When Farha did call he didn’t win once, even tho’ he had the best hand! I could’ve gone all-in all the time and sucked out…

  20. em3rica89 says:

    i’ve watched all the videos, and i’ve seen other videos of huck play including online, luck has very little to do with his game. he can play the whole tournament without even looking at his cards.

  21. fd9w4dncm says:

    That’s donk talk ;P
    but you are right…

  22. fd9w4dncm says:

    But seriously, he was EXTREMLY lucky at the two last tables. Check out HeadsUpLisa’s videoes, I’ve watched them all.

    Farha should’ve won. 🙁

  23. em3rica89 says:

    its not over until the river

  24. fd9w4dncm says:

    He was fucking lucky! Specially against Farha! Winning with the worst hand all the time…

  25. VinDigital says:

    i love the story about huck and the 2003 wsop with some douche from my area……..he looks up at huck, because he’s mad cause he keeps raising him out of pots and the guy asks him “hey, who the hell are you?”

    Huck then just points to a big ass picture of himself on the wall next to all the all world champions.