Huck Seed – Bubble System Needs Re-Worked

Huck Seed Video clip Rating: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “Huck Seed – Bubble System Needs Re-Worked”

  1. laffizzle says:

    hucks on opioids

  2. hanselategretel says:

    tiffany is a skank bag and disgusting. get off of youtube

  3. celestewatenabe says:


  4. mooshooduck says:

    huck is mad cool, coolest dude in poker, wish they put him on tv more, enjoying watching him on poker after dark

  5. brent8720 says:

    Joy, happiness, and love

  6. RIgnace says:

    Huck Seed is amazing. Tiffany is very hot. Cant ask for more out of an interview

  7. MaliCoq says:

    and then she asks if you can pull off a second then I think he starts clueing in.

  8. MaliCoq says:

    when she asked about the break, he missed the fact that she meant are you gonna be around for a quick blow n go, pro bro, a little suki suki before you go back in. how did he miss that?

  9. CoLLecToR91 says:

    Tiffany Michelle is a pro today, I beleive.

    Huck Seed is the man, always sounds like he’s stoned. And he seems so wise, lol.

  10. Mackattack2294 says:

    agree he sounds high as a kite

  11. Jayps87 says:

    Smoke a little pot, win a little pot…It’s all good

  12. Grexed says:

    dude guarantee you huck tapped that

  13. elpisco says:

    buddah lova for life !

  14. Korlan28 says:

    nah its how he is, Huck speaks all slow and measured.

  15. MadbullMick says:

    Go on Huck Lad.

  16. luvmyson1434 says:

    I thought the same thing. Can you blame her?

  17. worshipme131 says:

    lol, huck is quite the ladies man! You can see how bad she wanted him.

  18. Juntahh says:

    god man, smoke another one

  19. lilpimpray says:

    thats my nigga.. haha he always on dat cock thats why he always sounds sleepy.. but shit hes da shit..

  20. prozzak2006 says:

    he always sound like he’s half asleep or sleep talking

  21. Jounitskeli says:

    to me huck sounds like hes high all the time or something. hard to believe hes 39 too

  22. poptartass says:


  23. poptartass says:

    i’ve never seen/heard talk so much. he’s really animated here. also, lmfao @ his “thank you” at the end. genius.

  24. journee305 says:

    she is hot, “its hard to contain my excitedness!”

  25. MachineManX51 says:

    Huck is the motherfucking man! We need more interviews with Huck.