Huck Seed WSOP 2010 QuadJack

Huck Seed Video Rating: 5 / five

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7 Responses to “Huck Seed WSOP 2010 QuadJack”

  1. ivehearditallbefore says:

    No the Interviewer said “57”… could you believe that? He said it to be a jerk obviously. Huck actually looks younger than most 41 year olds. When he’s clean shaven he looks like he’s in his twenties actually…

  2. randomjean says:

    whether hes joking or not, thats just mean

  3. JSAN1D4D says:

    This interviewer is a fuckin asshole. He tells Huck he’s 51, then acts incredibly pretentious saying it was easier back then.

  4. L1zardK1n9 says:

    hahaha at first I was thinking how bad and rediculous this interviewer was to realize it was a joke..funny shit

  5. Nashtak says:

    This is my most favourite interviewer of all time!

  6. degenerate82 says:

    Try to think in a different way, perhaps.

  7. djmalaka says:

    The interviewer is such a douche. Get over yourself and stop being pretentious. This show needs to have a casting to find a new host.