Huck Seed

Huck Seed was born on the 15th of January in the year of 1969. He took birth in the Santa Clara located in California. He is a poker player of professional level. He has his claim to fame for he has won the main event of the series of world poker in the year of 1996. He had grown up in the Corvallis of Montana. He went to attend school on the high school of Cornvallis. He had a membership with the All-state team of basketball in Montana. He studied electrical engineering at the technology institute of California. he also had a membership with the Fleming house.

Huckleberry Seed in the year of 1989 took a leave for absence and started to play the poker and did not go back to college ever again. he was one of the better players in the basketball team of Caltech and had himself featured in the documentary film called the Quantum Hoops in the year of 2006. He got his second bracelet by winning the main event of the world series of poker in the year of 1996. he also won a cash prize of $1000000. In the series of world poker in the year of 1999,he made it to the final table. Huck Seed was, however, eliminated in the place of six by the man who went to become the champion eventually-Noel Furlong. he came to the 73rd position in the main event of the series of world poker in the year of 2007. The number of players in this series was 6358. He had won the poker championship of the NBC Heads-up in the year of 2009. As a result, the top prize of $500000 went to his name. His record in the career of poker was greatly improved because of this successful event.

Huck Seed had been able to cash in the tournament of the NBC Heads-Up. The record was finally broken in the year of 2010 when he lost in the first round to Erik Seidel who eventually became the runner up of that event. In the year of 2010, he went on to win the championship of the tournament of the series of world poker free roll and won a sum of $500000. In the count of the year of 2011, the total amount of earnings in the live tournaments played by him is well above $5900000.he has five bracelets of the WSOP to his name.

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