Joe Coda, a youngest player to win poker championship

Joe Coda has championship of year 2009 on his name. He is the youngest player who has won the championship. He has started professional game when he was at the age of 18. He has a large number of participation in the international poker games. He was famous due to his winning at very less age at international poker game. His win in such small age was surprising for all the competent and well fan of poker game. At the age of 21, he did this magic. He is a player who is having good hands on the online poker game. He was the representative for world poker championships. His appearance has loved by many fans of poker game.

He is the player of great tribute his game makes a difference with his competent player. Joe Coda was opposed to playing the poker game. His father was quite annoyed due to his love and affection for this game. He was 340 days younger than Eastgate had been at the time of becoming world champion. In later years, he decided that he will make poker game as his profession. He is the player who plays online games and has won many of them. His records in online card and poker game are good with comparison to the world championship titles.

He is online tournament player who likes to play online game on sunday. His experiences related to online card games and poker games are published by various magazines and read by many professional. He is one of favorite players in teenagers. His earning is worth career live event earnings of over $8.5 million. He has seven world cashed on his name in poker game. He has a hobby of playing soccer game and as well writing articles for the magazine.

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