Jonathan Little a triumph poker player

He was born in the year 1984 on 22December in Pensacola, Florida. A poker player who has played lots of tournaments. He has three consecutive years win in the game of poker tournament. HE is termed as one of the most successful players in the game of poker tournament. He has by finished in 13th place in the 2005 World Series of Poker game. He studied poker by reading books on poker game and then become a regular player of poker. His live tournament winnings exceed $1,900,000. He has 13 ranking in worlds series of poker game in the year2005.

The most important thing is that can be shared on this player as, he organizes camps for various poker games. He teaches many new players how to start and later tackle their opposition player. He provides private coaching of poker games for students who are interested and passionate about playing this poker game. He played only few World poker tour tournaments and he does not have any record in these tournaments.

He is the player of great experience. The most important thing of this poker player is that his hand on experience in playing poker game. He is also writer for various poker magazines. The one of most renowned Boston heralds. He has been writing various experiences of poker game in the magazine for new poker player who can make use of this experience to make poker game more enthusiastic. He is also a commentator for online poker games. He likes or has hobby of online commentators for poker games. This is quite a tough job, but he enjoys during world poker tournaments. His experience and efforts take him to these great heights of success. He was also a commentator for ESPN sports channel for poker games in the poker games.

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