Legends of poker

Poker game was invented in 1820 by the sailors in New Orleans. More than 80 million Americans play poker game. Earlier days, poker game was merely meant for entertainment however, nowadays it offers less entertainment and more the source of money. Not just the luck factors decide the winning of poker game but also it needs a good memory power and determination. Phil Ivey is one such player who works hard with determination and with this, he is continuing adding money to his bank roll.

His original name is Phillip Dennis who is an American professional poker player. With a very short span of time in his poker career, he was able to win nine WSOP bracelets and one World Poker Tour title. Another great achievement of Ivey was, he reached the final tables of World Poker Tour nine times. Ivey started his career in 1990, by playing with his colleagues in the telemarketing firm. He was nicknamed as “No Home Jerome” and “The Tiger woods of Poker”.

Thomas Dwan was yet another American poker player who plays online in the highest stakes No Limit Hold’em possible. In the poker industry Tom Dwan was known as “durrrr”. He has also won a lot many prize money in poker tournaments. Dwan started his poker career at an age of 17 with a $50 that his father gifted him on his 17th birthday. He stated the game with small amounts and after gaining the confidence that he could beat the games, he changed to cash games and started with low stakes. Slowly, he climbs his way to highest stakes and built his bankroll.

There is a misconception in most people that poker is a game which completely depends on luck factors of a person. However, this is not the case. Learn more about poker and start playing it.


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