National Heads Up Poker Championship 2011 – Episode 12 [Part 3/3] HD

Huck Seed Video clip Score: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “National Heads Up Poker Championship 2011 – Episode 12 [Part 3/3] HD”

  1. bestpokercoach says:

    Seidel is such a great player.
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  2. budweiser416 says:

    Seidel is 1 of my favourite player he doesnt show so much emotion…Eric Seidel and Huck Seed are two best at heads up in my opinion.

  3. mbelma6329 says:

    Seidel is a monster. Let’s see him play Dwan, Hellmuth, and Antonius. Watching him HU is amazing

  4. nimblenimrod69 says:

    Chris bet big with nothing and bet nothing with big hands..good strategy loser!

  5. FlagRunner1 says:

    Do you know the differrence between a 2 and a Jack, if no why are u watching poker anyawy.

  6. thegreatvitne says:

    Are you blind or something? he only has a straight draw.

  7. MoveRed says:

    Erik Seidel is a beast

  8. markjoven0901 says:

    moneymaker is just an idiot player a big loser

  9. kakjetak says:

    7:12 seidel has Straight why didnt he win?????

  10. ScottDevonKane says:

    Yeah, so bad he makes it to the finals and won the Main Event. Fucking terrible.

  11. axebodyspray71 says:

    Seidel is such a great player, it was no surprise to see him win. He had a much more difficult road to get to the finals than moneymaker.

  12. hellno0310 says:

    moneymaker is so bad it hurts

  13. pooooooooo97 says:

    siedel is just sick. he seems to always make the right decisions

  14. 123THERollyboy says:

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  15. gr8ful2god4life says:

    This was no match at all, this was a blood bath.

  16. stexcarina says:

    Raymond wins

  17. SuperTinkerhell says:

    If i hear or see anything to do with”go fucking daddy” for the rest of the week,ill fucking hit sum1 hard…

  18. crazy3rdgen says:

    lol i love playing people like chris.. just sit back and let them pay you off

  19. S4mmy89 says:

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  20. Driggerz1 says:

    Definately living proof that poker is much of a game of skill as it is luck with last year runner up and this year championship position. Like moneymaker said, hats off to you Eric!!

  21. StoryWB says:

    And yet people call Ivey the greatest.

  22. freebieeasy says:

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  23. camposxivth says:


  24. Bokken2006 says:

    Eric’s such a modest winner lol his read on players is incredible

  25. meyloweylo says:

    erik seidel is a legend!