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David Levi Winnings Cement Record among the Best English Poker Pros

Thursday, December 4th, 2014

The claim that poker is a lucrative venture for talented players is not a far-fetched assertion. There are players who have raked in whooping sums of cash, above $2.6 million in his total live tournaments. He is one of those players whose presence creates an inspiration to upcoming players who have an international bent in poker. Levi has played in the WSOP and the WPT where he has performed impeccably. At these two platforms, making a final table is tough as players are eliminated at different stages of competition.

Levi has managed various cashes at the WSOP, including two final tables. His best score was at the 2007 at the WSOP where he placed 121st. Besides, he has ten in the money finishes at the World Poker Tour championship tournaments, he final tabled at the sixth season during the Mandalay Bay Poker Main Event placing third alongside $229,540. He also final tabled at the WPT offshoot tournament dubbed Professional Poker Tour emerging third in the 2005 Mirage Poker Showdown. Antecedent victories are also formidable as he had won the #3,100 NLHE Bellagio Hi Buy-in Tournament Series, ousting Alan Goehring in a heads up titanic poker final that saw him rake in $159,468.  Levi had also won the $1,500 limit hold’em tournament in 2003 during the Bellagio 5-Diamond World Poker Classic shoveling in $144,917. Having played at the high-profile events and managed to win against renowned poker superstars, he is a trailblazing icon.

Also conspicuous in his golden string of winnings is his triumph that came in the California State’s Poker Championships that he had achieved in 2000 garnering $26,751 and subsequently winning the event in 2004 where he got $99,745. Though he has no recent winnings, his past accomplishments paint the picture of a poker player, thus, though eclipsed; he can come back for tremendous winning.