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David Peters Wins 2015 EPT Malta trophy and the Biggest Price Purse of His Career

Saturday, June 13th, 2015

David Peters of the United States took his biggest carrier winning in live Poker when he beat Ivan Luca in an epic battle at the European Poker Tour Malta €10,300 High Roller event. He took the SLYDE watch, and the first price of €597,000 along with the trophy

When the event went into the final day there were 18 players left on the table, all of whom stood to gain a guaranteed €32,300. The first one to peel off from the pack was Sam Greenwood when fell to Viacheslav Goryachev and he pocketed the guarantee money. In a short period of time another four players Sardor Gaziev, Davidi Kitai, Simon Higgins, and Ludovic Geilich were eliminated from the table of 16.

Sometime later Ghionoiu was followed by Mike McDonald to the rail and the later was relegated to the 11th place with the price money €52,100. Ten players remained in two tables and Luca lead over Metalidi in chips, and the short stack was Nicola D’Anselmo with 18 big blinds. The bubble was busted when McLaughlin made the exit when Goryachev took him down with his deuces over the opponent’s ace-four. The final battle was set.

Nick Petrangelo who earlier came fourth in the €25,500 High Roller was the   opponent to reckon with and he was leading in the chips tally for some time. D’Anselmo was knocked out to gain 9th place and followed by Sylvain Loosli later for the eight places. It seemed as Petrangelo and Luca would fight for the price money. It continued like that when Igor Yaroshevskyy, the Ukranian was sent to the rail with a 7th place position. (more…)

Jackie Glazier is one of the best poker players

Friday, April 17th, 2015

She is one of the worst players of the poker. She looks good but she is very aggressive and she tries to create issue in most of the game.

She is professional but she is not that much feasible in playing game at any condition. She doesn’t have that much presence of mind how to c\turned up game toward ourselves. So she is one of the weakest players of poker. She has played Very few games and from that she has won total winnings are $1.2 million and 4 career titles and also 31 cash prizes in her career.

She has not won any player of the year award and she just doesn’t played in any main events series which are the main series of the poker which gives you identities of yourselves to stand out of the world or which makes you different from others. She has not played in World Series of poker and also in European series of poker too. She has just played in World Series of poker in which she won $853730 career winnings and 11 cash prizes in this world series of poker and she had gone to the final table too in this series. (more…)

Sharon Levin, passionate poker player

Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

Sharon Levin was born in United States. He started playing poker in the year 2010. He played his first poker tournament in the year 2010. In that year he played five poker tournaments. He played his first tournament in Pompano Beach.

In which he was ranked 11th and won a price of $3,746. The next day he again played the same tournament and was ranked 11th but this time he scored $1,239. After that he played two more tournaments that year and won a good amount of price. After that, in the year 2011 he played four tournaments. He played well in that tournament and scored a high ranking and had also won good amount of price money.

In the year 2012, he played four more tournaments. That year was his good luck year as he won him high cash price of $158,688 in the Seminole Hard Rock Showdown, Hollywood. That same year he also won one higher price of $73,344. In this event he has scored a top rank of 4th and 5th position in the event. After that in the year 2013 he played more six tournaments. In the year his ranking was much high but he didn’t won any high amount of price. His price amount was normal this year. (more…)

Danish Online Poker Market underthe Sack aftera Poker Player Allegedly Committed an Online Fraud

Saturday, February 14th, 2015

The Danish online poker is encountering serious accusations after a poker player from Denmark was allegedly found to have pinched millions of euros from other players through an online fraud.

Reportedly, a group ofonline poker players from Denmark, who play high stake cash game, informed the Economic Crime Department, in Copenhagen, Denmark about the counterfeit. As claimed by the victims they were swindled out of winnings worth of millions of euros by the as yet unidentified suspect.

The findings also indicate that the alleged computer program may have been used by the suspect for about nine years before it came in the notice of the peers. (more…)

Hans Lund the ever most popular star of poker

Thursday, January 8th, 2015

Hans’s j. “Tuna” Lund was born on Sep 23, 1950. He was an American professional poker player lived in sparks, Nevada.

He was the two time winner of WSOP and one time runner-up of WSOP. He often competed in club cal Neva horse racing championship in Reno, Nevada, wining this large event twice. The start of his very big career was recorded on May, 1978 on ninth WSOP in LA where he got first prize in his first attempt only and cashed $46,800. And after few years on Feb, 1983 in Amarillo slim’s super bowl of poker in la he again finished the table and cashed $275,000, a huge amount. In seventeenth WSOP held on may, 1988 in la he became first runner-up and cashed $113,625.

Mr. Lund attended all the championship of in his career, He not only participates on that championship but he always achieved under ten positions. His one of the big cash games held on may 1990 in 21st, WSOP where he became runner-up and cashed $334,000. He became 2nd runner-up in 23rd WSOP on 1992 and cashed $176,750. He won his second WSOP bracelet on May 1996 in 27WSOP and cashed $71,400. On august 2004 he first time entered into WPT poker table in LA where he finished at 13th place and cashed $29,745. On Oct, 2006 in fall pot of gold championship in Reno he made the final table at first and cashed $74,245.

He last time played on Sep 2009 pepper mill winter poker tour, Remo at seventh place and cashed $3,340. He made 149ashes and 28 titles in his entire career. In addition to his 2WSOP bracelet Lund won a hall of fame watch, the super bowl of poker main event. And also he congratulated by diamond Jin Brady tour after achieving best al rounder player awn. Lund’s estimated total earning is $2,925,435. He had 7th rank in his all time money list best rank. He died on Nov 6, 2009 in mound house at the age of 59.

David Levi Winnings Cement Record among the Best English Poker Pros

Thursday, December 4th, 2014

The claim that poker is a lucrative venture for talented players is not a far-fetched assertion. There are players who have raked in whooping sums of cash, above $2.6 million in his total live tournaments. He is one of those players whose presence creates an inspiration to upcoming players who have an international bent in poker. Levi has played in the WSOP and the WPT where he has performed impeccably. At these two platforms, making a final table is tough as players are eliminated at different stages of competition.

Levi has managed various cashes at the WSOP, including two final tables. His best score was at the 2007 at the WSOP where he placed 121st. Besides, he has ten in the money finishes at the World Poker Tour championship tournaments, he final tabled at the sixth season during the Mandalay Bay Poker Main Event placing third alongside $229,540. He also final tabled at the WPT offshoot tournament dubbed Professional Poker Tour emerging third in the 2005 Mirage Poker Showdown. Antecedent victories are also formidable as he had won the #3,100 NLHE Bellagio Hi Buy-in Tournament Series, ousting Alan Goehring in a heads up titanic poker final that saw him rake in $159,468.  Levi had also won the $1,500 limit hold’em tournament in 2003 during the Bellagio 5-Diamond World Poker Classic shoveling in $144,917. Having played at the high-profile events and managed to win against renowned poker superstars, he is a trailblazing icon.

Also conspicuous in his golden string of winnings is his triumph that came in the California State’s Poker Championships that he had achieved in 2000 garnering $26,751 and subsequently winning the event in 2004 where he got $99,745. Though he has no recent winnings, his past accomplishments paint the picture of a poker player, thus, though eclipsed; he can come back for tremendous winning.