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David Peters Wins 2015 EPT Malta trophy and the Biggest Price Purse of His Career

Saturday, June 13th, 2015

David Peters of the United States took his biggest carrier winning in live Poker when he beat Ivan Luca in an epic battle at the European Poker Tour Malta €10,300 High Roller event. He took the SLYDE watch, and the first price of €597,000 along with the trophy

When the event went into the final day there were 18 players left on the table, all of whom stood to gain a guaranteed €32,300. The first one to peel off from the pack was Sam Greenwood when fell to Viacheslav Goryachev and he pocketed the guarantee money. In a short period of time another four players Sardor Gaziev, Davidi Kitai, Simon Higgins, and Ludovic Geilich were eliminated from the table of 16.

Sometime later Ghionoiu was followed by Mike McDonald to the rail and the later was relegated to the 11th place with the price money €52,100. Ten players remained in two tables and Luca lead over Metalidi in chips, and the short stack was Nicola D’Anselmo with 18 big blinds. The bubble was busted when McLaughlin made the exit when Goryachev took him down with his deuces over the opponent’s ace-four. The final battle was set.

Nick Petrangelo who earlier came fourth in the €25,500 High Roller was the   opponent to reckon with and he was leading in the chips tally for some time. D’Anselmo was knocked out to gain 9th place and followed by Sylvain Loosli later for the eight places. It seemed as Petrangelo and Luca would fight for the price money. It continued like that when Igor Yaroshevskyy, the Ukranian was sent to the rail with a 7th place position. (more…)

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