The Texture Does Change In Poker

By definition, texture means feel, consistency and appearance of a substance. But, at the poker table, the word has a different meaning, here the word means loose (players staying to witness the flop) or tight (few players seeing the flop, and most having folded hands post-flop); the meaning of texture can be aggressive (raising considerably) or it can be passive, the opposite (rarely raising, players calling bets often).

Starting out, you are taken to a table that is witnessing action for a while, and has got its game texture. And there you can easily see this texture post several hands of play, or during waiting to be dealt with. Go for this look.

Most of the poker players who are serious about the game have their own preference for game texture, however, the majority of them favor a game of loose-passive: many opponents stay to witness the flop, and little if any raising. And that makes it less costly and in other words much easier to enter the hand; and there will be likely a decent size pot to win.

If asked my personal view, then I am the one who prefers a game texture of loose-passive than the tight one. The reason for the same is that, in the tight games, the pots remains of small size as only few pay to witness the flop; and the number decreases even move to stay in the pot post flop. This kind of game texture, the playing cost makes it next to impossible to go home a noteworthy winner. Therefore, the texture of very tight game is not recommended.

This is what the texture is about in the poker game, to learn more about it, access the complete article on texture of poker game at the present time.

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